Lawn Care

Weed Spraying

Fiesta organic weed control.

Organic Insect Control

Controls grubs and cinchbugs.

Beneficial Nematodes: The Beneficial Nematode is a small microscopic worm that lives below the soil. Beneficial Nematodes are underground pest hunters. They are a very efficient organic insect control method and kill most insects before they become adults.

All insect control products need to be watered into the lawn.

Fall Weed and Fertilization

When it seems almost crazy to control weeds and fertilize to promote grass growth, fall is actually the most important time to do exactly that.

Fall weed treatment and grass fertilization will prevent the spring dandelions and give you a thick green spring lawn.


Aeration helps a lawn grow by making room for water and fertilizer intake which promotes root growth and prevents thatching.

Lawn Spraying (F.A.Q.)

Are children exposed to herbicide from lawn and park spraying?

The amount of herbicide that enters the body of a person having direct skin contact with a newly sprayed lawn (within 1 hour of spraying) is very small, and no detectable amount enters the body if contacFt occurs a few hours after spraying.

In the studies that determined these exposures, the volunteers that did have very low, but measurable exposure, were intentionally walking, sitting or lying on the grass that had been sprayed less than an hour previously. These people had bare feet and bare legs.

On the few occasions each year that children may be playing on a freshly sprayed lawn, the potential exposure is so small as to be negligible.


Over-seeding or de-thatching may be necessary to help you get your lawn started

Vegetation Control

Keeps driveways and sidewalks weed free.


Can be done several times a year, depending on the lawn’s needs. Usually 4 – 5 times is recommended.

Lawn Control

We suggest rolling in the spring to smooth out rough spots that are caused by winter freezing and spring thaw.

Tree Care

Tree Spraying

Insect and disease control. Applications recommended in the spring, summer and fall.


Promotes growth in young and mature bushes, trees and ornamentals. Application recommendations vary with size, maturity and types.

Pest Control

Control of Insects; Indoors and Outdoors

Including ants, bed bugs, bees, beetles, centipedes, cluster flies, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, mealy moths, silverfish and spiders.

Perimeter pest control applications create a barrier outside your home, which prevents insects from entering. Application recommendation is 3 times a year.


Mice and rat control. Location, type and size of problem dictates the service needed for control.


Friendly re-location includes catch and release of racoons, skunks, squirrels and more.

Monthly Pest Control Services

Regular inspection for insect and rodent control. Ideal for commercial, industrial, farms and restaurants.

Mosquito Control

We have products for eliminating larve and adult mosquitoes.

Mosquito control for backyards, outdoor parties, weddings, etc.

We give you the option of using organic as well as non-organic compounds.

Deck and Fence Cleaning


Sealing prevents damage to the wood, keeping your deck or fence free of scratches, scuffs, scrapes and any other damage over time.

Power Washing

We power wash your decks and fences. Give your deck and fence that new look.


Staining prevents moisture from getting into the wood causing decay.

Christmas Decoration

Lights and Ornaments

We supply and store our own christmas lights and decorations. Storage included.


Decorations are maintained throughout the season.